Fluoride In Drinking Water Can Cause Underactive Thyroid, New Research Says

New research out of the U.K. says indicates that fluoride can cause underactive thyroid. The higher rates of underactive thyroid occurred in areas where fluoride showed up in drinking water at a concentration greater than 0.3 mg per liter. Fluoride is added to drinking water in order to improve dental health though some liken it to medicating the public without consent.

The study was extensive and examined 98 percent of England’s GP practices. Areas with the greatest amounts of fluoride were added to the water were 30 percent more likely to see high rates of hypothyroidism. […]

  • Fertility disinfectants study QACs
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    Common Disinfecting Agents Discovered As A Possible Link To Infertility, But Only When Combined

Common Disinfecting Agents Discovered As A Possible Link To Infertility, But Only When Combined

A Virginia Tech biologist says that in 2012, her laboratory mice began having infertility troubles. Miscarriages became common, mice fetuses died in utero and the females were dying in labor. The mice that were born often had various birth defects. A geneticist at Washington State University was seeing a similar pattern after recently moving her work from a university in Ohio.

Normally fertility-linked toxins weren’t showing up in the tests. Residues of quaternary ammonia compounds (QACs) were detected, but they are so common, the finding was initially dismissed.

You’ve seen QACs.

“Two of the most commonly […]

Just a Commercial? Or Mommy Wars?

So I have to admit, I totally teared up at the Similac commercial everyone has been talking about.  Haven’t seen it yet?  Check it out:

So is this just a commercial? In under 3 minutes, not only does this ad make us feel more connected as parents, it also brings to light some of the divisions as well, making important discussions we ought to be having instead look like Mommy Wars.  I was interested to see how the rest of the web reacted and I think most people seemed to feel […]

How to be the Perfect Mom

Today, I’m going to explain how to be the perfect mom.

1.       Set your self-expectations absurdly high.

2.       Never drop the ball.

3.       Resist the urge to yell or cry when you are frustrated.

4.       Scratch number three, just don’t get frustrated.

5.       Be 100% financially, ecologically, emotionally and physically responsible in regards to your children and your lifestyle 100% of the time.

Aw shucks… when I put it that way, it sounds absurd doesn’t it?

And yet, that’s what so many of us expect of ourselves every day, and then kick ourselves over when we fall short.  For many women, […]

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    British Officials Come To Similar Conclusions As Canadian Researchers About Midwife-Assisted Births

British Officials Come To Similar Conclusions As Canadian Researchers About Midwife-Assisted Births

The New York Times editorial board issued a surprising opinion statement in support of midwife-assisted births and legislation that supported midwife-assisted births. The Times referenced strong research from the UK that reversed a decades-old stance on the critical importance of birthing in a hospital.

The fact that Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence pointed out that midwife-assisted home births are safer than hospital births for uncomplicated pregnancies will not come as a surprise to many in the Everything Birth community, especially since we discussed […]

  • Lewis Jassey and Jonathan Jassey of Bellmore Merrick Pediatrics
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    Scheduled Infant Feedings: The Promise Of Full Night’s Sleep Is Dangerous

Scheduled Infant Feedings: The Promise Of Full Night’s Sleep Is Dangerous

An article about training infants to eat on a strict schedule has been circulating on social media. The article was about a feeding strategy for newborns created by Drs. Lewis Jassey and Jonathan Jassey of Bellmore Merrick Pediatrics. The sibling duo doctors co-authored The Newborn Sleep Book which claims to be able to help parents train a baby to sleep through the night by refraining from “On Demand” feeding.

“When we first brought Peyton home from the hospital he would wake up every two to 2 ½ hours, and we […]

My Opinion of “Crunchy Motherhood”

Crunchy momI always tried to find the readers of Everything Birth Blog facts and data from the most original reliable sources I could. Having put down the pen and calculator for a few months to focus on my children, there are a few things that I’ve come to realize that I wanted to share with you.

Most of my lifestyle choices have been made based on factual information I have gathered, but sticking with them as habits has more to do with my opinions on them… […]

The Parting of Ways.

Homeschool3I thought I could do it all once, and motherhood has taught me differently. Early on as a blogger for Everything Birth,  I wrote about how we have to be realistic with what we feel we can take on.

See, prioritizing has been a theme for me since the first time I ever saw that second line on a pregnancy test. I am only human and I can’t do everything all at the same time and do it all perfectly.  Sometimes, I can’t even do a […]

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Do we need a Black Breastfeeding Week?

I’m a white woman. Because I am a white woman, I get to sit here in my place of Privilege and think to myself, “How will we ever undo racism if we keep dividing ourselves?” or even, “I don’t see why it has to be a separate week.”

But I don’t know what it’s like to be a black woman. I can pretend all day long that I understand racism, because maybe someone called me “whitey” or “honky” at some point in my life. The truth is though, while it has happened before, I can’t […]

Better Pregnancy Outcomes With Midwives

In a review of data from 13 research trials involving 16,242 women, researchers have found that when a pregnant woman’s care provider is a midwife instead of the US standard multidisciplinary care, she is more likely to have a better outcome. Midwife care showed a lower likelihood of preterm birth and fewer interventions.

Midwives are awesome! One of the coolest findings was that women who were only under the care of a midwife were generally happier! Who knows if happiness is the cause or the result of the better pregnancy outcomes with midwives, but the […]