Some people find it difficult to have discussions with their doctors about alternative health care issues such as using Manuka Honey for MRSA instead of the current treatments that are prescribed. People have mentioned that their doctors have studies and brochures to support their protocol and we are often not equipped with the same degree of sources or ability to express ourselves.

I feel that far too many people have had their lives upturned or worse because so many doctors aren’t current on the scientific research behind Manuka honey as a potential powerhouse weapon against MRSA. Follow the link below for a printable PDF file that you can use to broach the topic of using Manuka honey to win a battle against MRSA for you or a loved one with a medical professional.

Disclaimer & Usage Agreement:  This should not be considered medical advice, but rather a helpful tool to be used to discuss your options with your doctor or healthcare provider. Downloading this document means that the user understands and agrees that the document is not be considered medical advice: Manuka Honey for Treatment of MRSA. (Click to download)

This PDF file was designed to also be used in conjunction with another list of references that was compiled by Medihoney. Please also print out Medihoney’s extensive resource PDF and attach it to the back of our document to show your doctor. That second PDF from Medihoney can be found here.