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Worried about MRSA? Consider Hemp Fabric for Diapers.

It sucks that we have to worry about MRSA infecting our babies. With the abundant use of antibiotics in our food and the overuse of it in our medicine, however, we do. It’s a very common problem.

Some people choose to use disposable diapers citing MRSA concerns. That is understandable, but unfortunately, not really the best solution. The sodium polyacrylate (little gel balls) that absorb urine in cloth diapers also absorb moisture from the skin. It causes skin to get tiny little cracks…. tiny little cracks that are the perfect place for […]

Celebrating the Grand Re-Opening of Diaper Parties!

As America celebrates its Independence Day, the all new Diaper Parties is celebrating its own independence and we, at Everything Birth, want to help them get started with a bang!

As we mentioned in the beginning of June, the start of this month brings the Grand Re-Opening Party for Diaper Parties.  We got into the whole scoop in that previous blog which you can find here if you are interested. One of our old senior consultants, Erin, will be taking over Diaper Parties and we are happy to celebrate this exciting time with her […]

The New, Independent Diaper Parties!

The extreme variety and extent of the cloth diapering movement has become far too big for Everything Birth’s britches. Everything Birth Inc.’s mission is to be a resource for promoting gentle birth. When Everything Birth Inc. was founded eleven years ago, cloth diapering was a natural accessory to offer new moms. Over the last decade we have watched… astonished at how quickly and exponentially the cloth diapering movement has grown in such a short time.  Everything Birth can no longer focus […]

Why I love and also HATE FuzziBunz cloth diapers.

The tag of my insanely old FuzziBunz.

I love FuzziBunz. I love how well they work. I love how soft they are. I love how well they fit all three of my different shapes of children. Bla bla bla. I was just talking to a friend though, explaining how frustrating FuzziBunz are. My FuzziBunz simply would not give up. I got my first (and pretty much only) set of FuzziBunz on trade ten years ago. I did a little writing for one of the […]

Hiney Lineys’ Sheila Payne

Through the magical powers of Facebook social networking, I have become quite acquainted with, dare I even say “friends” with the inventor of Hiney Lineys cloth diapers, Sheila Payne. Actually, it all started at a virtual diaper party featuring Everything Birth products and I think we had to log in with our Facebook accounts. I’m not sure.

At any rate, Sheila is an awesome lady and we hit it off pretty quickly because she was reading the Everything Birth Blog posts fairly regularly.  After almost a year of chatting about pretty […]

The biggest reason I cloth diapered.

two years of disposable diaperingWhen I started, the economy was still good and finances were not the reason. As the economy collapsed, I was very thankful for my decision to cloth diaper. When trying to convince my first son’s father that our son should be diapered in cloth, that was one of my key selling points. I explained it would save us thousands of dollars. Then, I had him imagine having thousands of dollars he didn’t plan on having. I even […]

Having a baby shower? Want to register for our products?

baby shower register giftIf you are lucky enough to be given a shower before your baby arrives, please consider our online registry for Everything Birth. It’s very simple to set up if you follow this link.

I know so many of you are awesome participants in Everything Birth’s giveaways, on Everything Birth’s Facebook page, and on our Community Forum. Many of you even are active on our online mom-specific classified website, Birth Depot; but if […]

With potty training almost done, what’s a fluff lover to do?

My daughter is currently almost exclusively in training pants. My favorite is this pair of Blueberry Trainers:


I know I should be happy. In part, it’s sad for me that my last baby isn’t even a baby anymore, but I have to be honest, a large part of that sigh was because I’m almost done with fluff.

That means, there is no reason for me to own a pair of the Owls print Blueberry bamboo diapers on the second to the last row:

“I can’t afford the start up costs of cloth diapering.”

Over the course of the last nine years that I’ve been involved in cloth diaper sales, a reoccurring argument has been brought up.

“I can’t afford the start up costs of cloth diapering.”

I understand that concern. I do. While there are inexpensive diaper sets, most people would only give it a fair shot with a pocket diapering system or an all-in-one system. So, you’re looking at somewhere around $20 for a diaper. While I think 10-12 diapers is suitable, I know a lot […]

“Earth Day Everyday!” diaper by FuzziBunz

For those of you just starting out in the world of cloth, I have to explain a very strange phenomenon that happens with FuzziBunz pocket style cloth diapers.

Every once in awhile, FuzziBunz will come out with a limited edition version of their awesome pocket diapers. Right now, FuzziBunz is featuring the ”Earth Day Everyday!” pocket diaper.

You will want to buy these diapers.

Even if you don’t think the “Earth Day Everyday” diapers are awesome… Even if you don’t think these diapers will get everyone talking […]