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    Crucial Information About Winter Babies, Countering Previous Vitamin D Research

Crucial Information About Winter Babies, Countering Previous Vitamin D Research

Midwives and doctors have known that vitamin D supplementation is important for some people for some time, but research has regularly shown that supplementing babies doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference. As it turns out though, the study designs probably had everything to do with the uncertain results. New an important research that was just published in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. This latest study is a a multicenter, double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial and it takes into consideration the most obvious an important aspect of vitamin D […]

This New Year Rings In New Era For Everything Birth

For a few months now, Crystal, the owner of Everything Birth, has been working on a transition for the company. She has been meticulously planning and arduously preparing. The time has finally arrived for Crystal to begin a new path, one that she has been working diligently for years towards, and she has passed the company on to a new owner: Nicole Beers.

Nicole, as it so happens, is a dear friend of mine. She is the attachment parent of two precious, young children. Nicole is a trained paramedic […]

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    Canadian Peds: ‘Infant Eye Ointment Doesn’t Work, The Mandate Should Be Repealed’

Canadian Peds: ‘Infant Eye Ointment Doesn’t Work, The Mandate Should Be Repealed’

Pediatricians in Canada say that the antibiotic ointment that is applied to infants’ eyes as standard care in order to prevent contracting a “sexually transmitted” bacterial infection from the mother is ineffective.  The protocol has been used to ensure that infants do not end up with what is called “neonatal opthalmia” or “ophthalmia-neonatorum” from chlamydia and/or gonorrhea.

In parts of Canada, the antibiotic ointment is required by laws, only those laws, according to the Canadian Pediatric Society stem back to the 1800’s when silver nitrate was used in babies’ eyes. This was before the era […]

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    British Officials Come To Similar Conclusions As Canadian Researchers About Midwife-Assisted Births

British Officials Come To Similar Conclusions As Canadian Researchers About Midwife-Assisted Births

The New York Times editorial board issued a surprising opinion statement in support of midwife-assisted births and legislation that supported midwife-assisted births. The Times referenced strong research from the UK that reversed a decades-old stance on the critical importance of birthing in a hospital.

The fact that Britain’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence pointed out that midwife-assisted home births are safer than hospital births for uncomplicated pregnancies will not come as a surprise to many in the Everything Birth community, especially since we discussed […]

Do we need a Black Breastfeeding Week?

I’m a white woman. Because I am a white woman, I get to sit here in my place of Privilege and think to myself, “How will we ever undo racism if we keep dividing ourselves?” or even, “I don’t see why it has to be a separate week.”

But I don’t know what it’s like to be a black woman. I can pretend all day long that I understand racism, because maybe someone called me “whitey” or “honky” at some point in my life. The truth is though, while it has happened before, I can’t […]

Seriously? Breastfeeding? A waste of time?

I am not generally the least bit affected by random anti-breastfeeding posts I find online. This latest one though, I’m sure you’ve seen says that breastfeeding is a waste of time.

Sure, it’s from The Stir and we all know anything goes on there. It’s as though an editor thinks up post ideas simply to antagonize people with ridiculous ideas, begging for internet “air time.” That’s why I normally don’t even bother. They snagged me though with this article mostly because of the numerous supporters thanking this author for summing up their feelings […]

World Breastfeeding Week on Facebook

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who immediately and profusely reported that page. Twenty minutes after this post originally was published, two hundred of you had already read it and many of you have let me know you reported the page. It has now been taken down. NICE WORK…. You are so phenomenal!  But I’d still love to see your breastfeeding and nurse-in photos! Also, a HUGE thank you to whoever it was at Facebook that takes harassment of children seriously.


I have enjoyed seeing more breastfeeding photos than usual on Facebook this week. […]

Chemicals in Stain Resistant Clothing/Teflon Linked to “Pregnancy Induced” Hypertension

Hypertension during pregnancy can be very dangerous and even life threatening. A new study‘s results were published in  Environmental Health Perspectives and found an association between chemicals found in stain-resistant fabric and high blood pressure during pregnancy. 

The chemicals involved in the study were perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

Blood levels of 1330 pregnant women were tested for PFOS and PFOA because of their proximity to DuPont’s Washington Works factory. A pregnant woman’s increased levels of PFOA and PFOS were associated with increased odds of experiencing “pregnancy-induced” hypertension.

For every log unit increase of PFOS, […]

Uterine Perforation Risks with an IUD Higher Just After Birth

File:IUD.pngCBS Pittsburgh just printed a news story online about the risks of uterine perforation (tearing the uterus) while using the popular IUD Mirena as well as other forms of IUDs. While IUDs are arguably one of the safer contraceptives on the market, they still come with some risks. The pregnancy rate with an IUD is only about 2/10ths of a percent. That makes them enormously effective at preventing pregnancy. They are inserted into the uterus and a “string” remains hanging down through the opening of the cervix. That […]

Pregnant? Please don’t forget your Omega-3s.

File:Flaxseed for rye bread.jpgOmega-3 fatty acids are crucial during all stages of life, but especially during pregnancy. We were issued a friendly reminder yesterday by Live Science staff writer, Bahar Gholipour, when she spotlighted new research just published in PLOS ONE about how eating fish during pregnancy reduces anxiety. She wrote about the study, “women who never or rarely ate dark or oily fish (such as tuna and salmon) were 53 percent more likely to have high levels of anxiety in their third trimester of pregnancy, […]