After I attended enough homebirths, I started to notice patterns:

The light banter between partners that usually means labor is still in the early stages, as opposed to the quiet support of the later stages, often spoken directly into waiting ears. The midwives giving the birthing mother space to find her way, to settle into what feels right to her body and her baby, drawing closer and more hands on only as needed. The brows of hard working mamas growing knitted with deeper concentration that is often needed as labor […]

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It’s Been 16 Years Since My Daughter’s Stillbirth, But My Body Still Remembers

[Warning: This post contains emotional reflection that some of our pregnant or once-pregnant audience may find triggering.]

Two days of every year, my body grieves for the child it once grew.

Sixteen years ago on August 2nd, I walked into the hospital pregnant, and sixteen years ago on August 3rd, I walked out of the hospital with a small box of keepsakes respectfully prepared by volunteers, so that grieving mothers wouldn’t have to leave the hospital with no tangible thing to carry out the door with them after experiencing second trimester miscarriages or stillbirths.

The box is […]

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