after birth Merges with!

You may have already noticed some changes at Midwifery products that were previously only found on are now integrated into the shopping platform at!


Everything Birth, as a company, previously held two websites, but in an attempt to make it easier on shoppers, those two websites are now integrated., as a website, will be more comprehensive though through the integration of the two websites.


This will allow for easier order placing for you and easier order processing for the company!  Other benefits, besides convenience of ordering include:


  • More Customer Rewards- All of Everything […]

So, you’re going to have a baby… are you prepared for the consequences?

I’m not talking about raising a responsible, loving, independent human. The consequences I’m talking about are  the immediate ones.
You have two paths you can go down for your postpartum care. Chances are good, unless you have a natural birth with a midwife who will massage and stretch your perineum , if you have a vaginal delivery, your vagina and surrounding area are going to be beat up. The inflammation can hurt, sure, but the worst thing is the stinging pain from even minor cuts and tears.

You can choose the traditional route of grin and bear it […]