attachment parenting

Giving Attachment Parenting Toys This Holiday Season

The other day, I took my daughter, Ayla, out with her baby doll.  My daughter is a cutie, (and especially adorable when she’s wearing her wig) so she gets lots of attention when she’s out. She gets even more attention though, when she’s out playing Mommy.  With Christmas just around the corner, I want to touch on the subject of allowing the toys our daughters get this season to have the dual function of being fun and promoting good maternal values.

To me, […]

Sense of SELF.

When my twin daughters were two I went through a period of depression.  I had done nothing but attachment parent for two full years. Cloth diapering, nursing, and the pressures of the unknown for two full years. It never dawned on me to take time for myself.  It is common for first time parents to think they need to do it all.  Do not get me wrong here, it was not the attachment parenting that sent me to the blues.  My father’s sudden cancer had sent me over […]

The Real Science of Babywearing

Baby wearing is a new term, but not a new concept.

It was birthed from necessity. Long ago, baby wearing was a matter of basic safety. The child could be protected more easily when carried. Things still needed to get done; the baby couldn’t be left alone, so people (for thousands of years in every different culture) have been designing and redesigning the baby carrier. Now, we have the option to leave our infants inside of a crib within the safe confines of our homes.  Due to our advancement, many of the issues that made […]