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Helping Premature Babies Thrive

When babies are born premature, they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Everything Birth can help with these obstacles. There are a few very crucial items that Everything Birth carries that are a must for premature babies.

Baby Wearing for Premature Babies

The first and most important thing you can do is wear your baby in a carrier.  I go into all the physiological reasons for wearing babies in a previous blog.  Slings can constrict the airways of a baby that is premature, so wearing them Kangaroo-style works best. You keep them […]

Baby Wearing, Co Sleeping, and Cloth Diapering–Oh, My!

I remember in college, my family sociology class watched a video on attachment parenting. They showed “baby wearers” and “co sleepers,” and I was astounded. “Wear your baby?” I thought. “How will he/she ever learn to walk?! As far as co sleeping was concerned, that was just too attached for me. Babies need to sleep in their own beds… I mean, what if you roll over on your child?! We all laughed at the part where they interviewed parents and asked how they stayed intimate with little ones in the bed. They explained their […]

The Real Science of Babywearing

Baby wearing is a new term, but not a new concept.

It was birthed from necessity. Long ago, baby wearing was a matter of basic safety. The child could be protected more easily when carried. Things still needed to get done; the baby couldn’t be left alone, so people (for thousands of years in every different culture) have been designing and redesigning the baby carrier. Now, we have the option to leave our infants inside of a crib within the safe confines of our homes.  Due to our advancement, many of the issues that made […]

Mama Magic.

What is it about a mother’s kiss on a toddlers boo boo.  How about the way you know when your baby is ready to nurse even when they are not with you.  Mom’s can just look at their child and know their well being.  Sick, tired, hungry, you name it and a mom can tell.  Our senses are honed and we register the slightest sounds and energy coming from our kids.

I think these magic powers are enhanced by baby wearing.  If you wear your baby from the start and really keep them close whenever […]