Swaddle me.

One of the first and best things I learned as a new mother was how to swaddle. When my twins were born they had a very strong Moro (jerking) reflex.  They were full term and pretty tight in utero so when they came out their arms would spontaniously jump out just as they started to drift off to sleep.  Swaddling was the only way we got any sleep.

You really don’t need much, just a nice cotton blanket and you are on your […]

Breastmilk = Probiotic

Most of us know that breastmilk is evolutionarily designed for your baby.   Some new studies suggest that breastmilk contains a strain of bacteria that protects your babies gut against harmful  bacteria that may wreak havok inside your babies digestive system.

The complex sugars were long thought to have no biological significance, even though they constitute up to 21 percent of milk. Besides promoting growth of the bifido strain, they also serve as decoys for noxious bacteria that might attack the infant’s intestines. The sugars are very similar to those found on the surface of […]

Cloth Diaper Resourcefulness

The other day, I packed my diaper bag with four cloth diapers. I was going to be gone for the afternoon to visit a friend, and I had assumed that four diapers would be enough. Usually, I come home from an outing with a couple of extras to spare. We were driving out to visit a friend who lives in South Lyon, which, given that I don’t drive on the freeway, was about a 45 minutes drive from my house. We had a few stops to make first.

At each stop, my little girl would […]

Cloth Diapers: Just One A Day Makes a Difference.

Some people are overwhelmed with the thought of switching up their whole baby routine with something new.  Whether this is your first baby or not, you are probably set in some form of pattern.  Nursing, sleep, changing diapers. You  have just made such a huge adjustment to your lifestyle.  Why change anything else?

Well, if you are using disposable diapers (sposies) there are many reasons to change.  The environment, your pocketbook, your delicate baby’s skin, dependence on foreign oil, just to name a few.  Go to The Real Diaper Association Diaper Facts.

Let me lighten […]

Vaccine Ingredients

I’m not taking a stance one way or another on whether or not to vaccinate your children. I don’t feel it’s my place. I’ve chosen a middle ground for my own children, but I’m not even suggesting anyone choose the middle ground.

That’s not what this blog is.

This blog is to help you make your own informed decision. I know many of my mommy friends feel overwhelmed when facing this decision. So, without making any kind of stance, I will just do the busy work for you. Then, you can make your own informed decision.

Crunchy Mom Prioritizing

When my first baby was born, I wanted to do the right thing, but there were so many life changes needed to be a fully crunchy mom, I was overwhelmed and confused.

Then, I ran across a blog that pointed out when you’re having a new baby, taking baby steps into the green lifestyle is often the best way. The woman explained I needed to prioritize so as not to get overwhelmed. Instead of prioritizing by what was most important to me, I thought about what one choice would have the most impact right off […]

Gabby’s Swim Diapers.

If you have a baby and you plan on going swimming this summer than a reusable swim diaper is a must have.  I am amazed at the number of people who will put their child in a disposable diaper for the beach or pool.  Even the disposable swim diapers are ugly and uncomfortable looking.  Not to mention the space they take in the landfill.

My daughters at the lake

Gabby’s Swim Diapers are so cute.  Everyone will be asking where they […]


Meat, sweets, fruit, salty.  When you have a craving during pregnancy, your body is trying to tell you something.  More calories, or more of a certain vitamin.   It is really a good idea to listen to these cravings.  Do not deprive yourself or your baby what you need.  Unless you have a strong craving for something that isn’t food.  Like dirt.  Dirt is really a craving that some women have.  Chalk too.  If you have these cravings, or any cravings, you should talk to your midwife.

With my first pregnancy I had a strong […]

“There’s No Place Like Home” For Childbirth

    • A healthy pregnant woman should be birthing at home. I don’t understand the response “I just feel safer in the hospital”.  When your chances of a hospital cesarean are closing in on 35% in this country.  One of the highest cesarean rates of civilized countries.  The homebirth cesarean rate is lower than 2%.  What most people don’t realize is that midwives are trained professionals, and they have a more optimistic outlook on your birth.
  • My first pregnancy we chose to only see a midwife.  We did not see an OB until […]

Tune it out

I know it is a bit ironic what I am about to blog about.  I am basically going to rant a bit about the overconsumption of media these days.  Here I am just adding to the machine with this blog which in turn I am advising to tune it all out.  But don’t stop reading now,  just hear me out.

What is tipping me over the edge is all of the oil spill news that is utterly making me want to vomit every day I hear more.  Every day that goes by and that hole in […]