birth plan

Risked Out.

    A safe and healthy birth is what is most important to us here at Everything Birth.  We do encourage childbearing women to make informed choices and never compromise the health of herself or the baby she is carrying.
    Less than 2 percent of American women birth at home.  And when you ask most women why they want to birth in a hospital, the most stated reason is safety.  Although, there is no data supporting the fact that you are safer in the hospital as long as you are low risk, your homebirth is […]

Do Your Research.

I am not a sheep.  I do not just do things because everyone else is doing it.  I guess that is why when I got pregnant I needed to know everything I could learn about what I was going to experience.  After scouring through book after book, I realized that my best chance at having an intervention free birth was going to be at my home or a birth center.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that my first birth did not wind up at home, but in […]

Change in Plans.

My birth plan was thrown out the window as soon as we were risked out of home birth at 39 weeks.  I thought we had everything in place.  Even though we found out we were having twins when I was 37 weeks, our midwife assisted  home water birth was still the plan.  Until……I just never went into labor and the second ultrasound revealed twin b was breech and cord wrapped.  At 39 weeks and no signs of labor plus a heatwave we were having, we needed to make some decisions.

We were offered two choices. […]