Thank Heavens for Childhood Sicknesses! Febrile Illness and its Role in Cancer Prevention

febrile disease reduces cancer risks

Photo Credit: Melissa Christianson (Click photo to visit her page.)

When my children get over fevers, I give myself three pats on the back: One for handling their illness responsibly by staying in good communication with our fabulous new family doctor, one for not freaking out too bad, and the third one for possibly taking care of their current and future health by staying away from fever reducing medicines.

See, febrile illnesses (or the sicknesses that […]

Pregnant? Check your hot dogs & Take your vitamins

Sometimes I come across studies that compel me to take note. The correlation between nitrates found in foods like lunch meats, bacon and hot dogs with cancers like brain tumors and childhood leukemia made me take note.  I would be highly interested in seeing more studies about this connection, but in the mean time, since so many of our readers are pregnant, I’m just passing along what I read.

Products on SaleApparently, N-nitroso compounds and their precursors, the most potent nervous system carcinogens known in experimental animals.  The nitrates in […]

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It’s called Vitamin D, for Vitamin Deficient

Vitamin D the sun sunscreen supplements recommended RDAThe general population is finally understanding the connection between vitamin D and the flu season, but it’s more than just the flu we need to think about. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to many diseases, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Recently there has been much talk in the research world about this crucial vitamin.  The IOM [Institute of Medicine’s] recommended raising the recommended dietary allowance from 400 to […]

It’s Just not Fair.

My kids say that all the time.  I usually tell them that life has a way of balancing out.  Even though things may not be going your way right now, they probably will tomorrow or the day after that.

But, my college roommate had both of her breasts and five lymph nodes removed last week.  She is 36, an incredible competitive mountain biker, and she just fell in love.  I just have a hard time figuring out how the universe can balance this one out.  I think that cancer is the exception to my everything […]