Cloth diapers Merges with!

You may have already noticed some changes at Midwifery products that were previously only found on are now integrated into the shopping platform at!


Everything Birth, as a company, previously held two websites, but in an attempt to make it easier on shoppers, those two websites are now integrated., as a website, will be more comprehensive though through the integration of the two websites.


This will allow for easier order placing for you and easier order processing for the company!  Other benefits, besides convenience of ordering include:


  • More Customer Rewards- All of Everything […]

Black Friday

As I post this, we’re still in the wee hours of the night and Black Friday is just beginning.  This year, Everything Birth is celebrating this big shopping weekend a little differently.

As mentioned on our Facebook Page on Wednesday, and is sending a free gift with ALL orders over $30 placed between midnight on Thursday through midnight on Monday. Yes, every single order over $30 gets a free gift.

Also, Everything Birth and Midwife Supplies is adding gift certificates worth up to $100  to randomly chosen packages. […]

The flu vaccine is super-duper effective… I guess.

Merck makes the flu vaccine Afluria and and it’s like the greatest thing under the sun. (Yeah… but not greater than the sun!)

When everybody talks about how effective the flu vaccine is, it’s so interesting because people just assume that they will automatically get the flu without the vaccine. I know I’ve fallen victim to this idea for no good reason except  media hype, though I’ve never gotten a flu vaccine.  But check this out. When you actually look at the numbers, a person’s chances of getting the influenza in one flu […]

Brand of the Month: Stick Around Labels!


During the month of December, Everything Birth’s Brand of the Month is Stick around Labels! Heather sent me some to try out. (Have I mentioned how much I like being a product tester for Everything Birth?) They are every bit as awesome as she told me they would be.

For starters, they are very good quality. You know sometimes you order a print item and the actual product looks like some trashy version of what was pictured in the online store?  These are not like that. These look exactly like in their photos, […]

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Easy Cloth Diaper Cleaning after a Yeast Infection or Diaper Rash

You know how women in the online forums talk about how they feel yeast is “stuck” in their diapers?  Well, it’s possible that it kind of is. There’s this thing that organisms like yeast do called forming biofilm. Understanding this has helped infection specialists understand why sometimes, even after medicinal treatment, it seems like various bacteria strains or yeast just keep coming back.   You’ve probably experienced this in your own body.  You’ll treat a staph infection or a bladder infection exactly like […]

Realistic Baby Dolls

 There are baby dolls that you can purchase that you really bottlefeed and that really wet their diapers.  While, I see nothing wrong with allowing our children to use their imaginations and “pretend” like their dolls are drinking and eating, I also understand how utterly cool these dolls are in the eyes of little girls.

Realistic Dolls Don’t Promote Breastfeeding

I also recognize that since little girls can’t lactate, in order to use these “life like dolls” a little girl has to bottle feed her baby. I don’t really like that.  Pretend play is […]

Daycare and Cloth Diapering… (with a new twist.)

You hear all the time about the struggles parents face with getting their daycare to allow cloth diapers in their facilities. Here’s a new twist.  One day care provide in Michigan is considering not allowing disposable diapers in her daycare.

Having always been the “go to person” to watch friends’ and co-workers’ children, a day care was a very logical business for her to open. Cloth was introduced into her daycare shortly after.  “My first interest with cloth diapers was when I was pregnant, […]

Do Your Diapers Smell Like Fritos?

Do your cloth diapers smell like Fritos once they get wet? Maybe you wondered if the baby has a UTI or something? Maybe you worry that the diapers have germs?  Well, I can say with almost complete certainty that neither of those are the case. When diapers smell like Fritos, there’s on main cause.

A woman called me up the other day and told me that her diapers smelled weird when they got wet. “Like Fritos?” I asked her.  “Yes! That’s exactly it!”  well, I don’t know what’s in Fritos to make them smell like […]

Buy 5 Get 1 Free: bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Pockets & Sized All-In-Ones

So, here’s another amazing sale going on right now at Everything Birth.

Right now, the bumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers and the sized all-in-one diapers are on sale. Buy five of these diapers, and Everything Birth will give you one free.

Remember, we’re not talking about disposable diapers here.  I hope everyone realizes what an amazing sale this is. Just in case you don’t though, let me break it down for you.

In general, if you wash your cloth diapers once a day, you will […]

Cloth Diapering and the Window Shopaholic

I have a “shopping problem.”  It’s not a traditional over-spending problem; it’s more of a window shopping thing.  It started when I was a child and I often adopted a catalog as my favorite book.  I often had a toy catalog stashed under my pillow.  As the internet and I grew, I spent hours online making wish lists in my head.  My first big internet obsession was wedding planning which inevitably led to baby planning, but not until after my second daughter was born did I start the research and window shopping for cloth […]