Cloth Diaper Resourcefulness

The other day, I packed my diaper bag with four cloth diapers. I was going to be gone for the afternoon to visit a friend, and I had assumed that four diapers would be enough. Usually, I come home from an outing with a couple of extras to spare. We were driving out to visit a friend who lives in South Lyon, which, given that I don’t drive on the freeway, was about a 45 minutes drive from my house. We had a few stops to make first.

At each stop, my little girl would […]

Cloth Diapering on Vacation

The biggest challenge I received when trying to encourage new moms to cloth diaper has always been, “What will I do when I’m on vacation?” Well, you have a few different options. When making your cloth diapering choices, if you go out of town a lot:

  • You could go the hybrid route. Even if you want to do a cool pocket diapering system the rest of the time, for a very small investment, you could still be super green and economical while on vacation. With these, you get disposable inserts and […]

Crunchy Mom Prioritizing

When my first baby was born, I wanted to do the right thing, but there were so many life changes needed to be a fully crunchy mom, I was overwhelmed and confused.

Then, I ran across a blog that pointed out when you’re having a new baby, taking baby steps into the green lifestyle is often the best way. The woman explained I needed to prioritize so as not to get overwhelmed. Instead of prioritizing by what was most important to me, I thought about what one choice would have the most impact right off […]

Weekly Freebie!- Marvels one Size Fitted Diaper


Weekly Freebies


A great way to donate to the Cause of the Month- Currently Midwives for Haiti  is to enter our weekly raffle drawing.

You can get a free entry by doing either of the following-  do both and get TWO FREE ENTRIES!

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