disposable diapers

Do you use disposable diapers? Do you buy your disposable diapers in bulk?

A lot of people mention that they don’t really need to save money by using cloth diapers because they always buy their Pampers in bulk, their Huggies in bulk, or their Luvs in bulk. Unless you are deadset against disposable diapering because you think it’s gross (even though I already explained why disposable diapers are actually grosser in a previous blog) or you don’t have access to a washing machine, the fact that people buy their diapers in bulk […]

The Real Difference Between Cloth And Disposable Diapers

I was so completely disappointed to watch The Early Show segment comparing cloth and disposable diapers:

Really?  You have no statistics, no proof, and no real discussion about the ramifications of the build up in our landfills. You actually stated the landfill waste from disposable diapers as “it’s not the worst type waste in landfills”?  Really?  And smoking in a room full of children isn’t the worst type of second hand smoke that they might have to be subjected to either- but I am not ADVOCATING that you actually do it because “it’s […]

Gel Balls in Disposable Diapers

What are those little gel balls that come out of the diapers?

Those gel balls that parents often find on their baby’s skin (sometimes even inside their little girls’ vaginal openings) during the diaper change is a chemical called sodium polyacrylate. They are the substance in disposable diapers that allow them to absorb so much urine and stay so trim while dry.  It’s a fantastic idea… Except that you’re supposed to keep sodium polyacrylate away from skin. In fact, when it comes into contact with skin, most of the manufacturers of this chemical recommend you […]

Who is training who?

The time to potty train can be different for every kid.  When it came time to train my twin daughters, it felt more like I was the one in training.  I felt like I was prepared.  I had a plan in place and I had the supplies I needed. Potty. check. Training pants. check.  No major plans for a week. Check.  What I didn’t plan on was how emotionally challenging it was going to be.  

Cloth Diapering on Vacation

The biggest challenge I received when trying to encourage new moms to cloth diaper has always been, “What will I do when I’m on vacation?” Well, you have a few different options. When making your cloth diapering choices, if you go out of town a lot:

  • You could go the hybrid route. Even if you want to do a cool pocket diapering system the rest of the time, for a very small investment, you could still be super green and economical while on vacation. With these, you get disposable inserts and […]

Irony at the Pediatrician’s Office

My pediatrician wants me to implicitly trust his advice and advanced problem solving skills, without question, and yet, upon examining my child to find her sporting an adorable cloth diaper, he quaffs, “What’s this?!”

Having owned a natural parenting store in my local town for a few years, I am accustomed to explaining the ins and outs and pros and “pros” of cloth diapers, but I was taken aback when my doctor was dumbfounded at what he saw. Certainly, I couldn’t have been the first cloth diapering mom to enter his exam room.  I couldn’t […]

Disposable Diapers and Oil Dependance

I would hope with all of the horrendous oil spill news, that everyone will look at every facet of their lives and reduce their oil dependance by at least half.

Just watching this video of how disposable diapers are made makes me contemplate how much of our precious resources go into creating something that will get pooped in.  Then thrown into a landfill and take over 600 years to decompose.  Sick.

What happens to a disposable item after it gets tossed is only half of it.  We all need to consider how things are made and […]