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Top 50 Facebook Fan Pages for Parents

Just a quick note…

We’ve been nominated in a fun web contest. We’d LOVE to be declared one of the top 50  Facebook fan pages for parents.

If you want to help us win:

  • Just go here.
  • Then, click the sort by alphabetical tab and find “Everything Birth.”
  • Then click the thumbs up like button by our nomination!

Thank you so much in advance, and as always, thank you for being the best web community a site could ever hope for!

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Post-Birth Suprises!

There are a few things that no one ever told me about (or in my pregnant daze, I didn’t pay attention to) about those few days following the birth of a child. I don’t like being surprised, unless it’s with awesome things.

  • Labor is not over with the birth of your child. When your midwife or doctor mentions the part about delivering the placenta like it’s no big deal, listen carefully. I thought that something had gone wrong, because a few moments after I was done giving birth, I started having contractions again. It wasn’t […]

What’s in your Bag?

One of the reasons I have been having the pangs to have another baby lately is due to the fact that I get to unpack the boxes at Everything Birth.  Crystal has been busting her bootie putting together the kits for  the Diaper Parties (more on those later).  So, she has been bringing in some of the newest, cutest, and if you ask me, the most practical cloth diapering supplies out there.

Along with all the cute new diapers are the accessories.  I want to touch on the topic of the wet […]

Risked Out.

    A safe and healthy birth is what is most important to us here at Everything Birth.  We do encourage childbearing women to make informed choices and never compromise the health of herself or the baby she is carrying.
    Less than 2 percent of American women birth at home.  And when you ask most women why they want to birth in a hospital, the most stated reason is safety.  Although, there is no data supporting the fact that you are safer in the hospital as long as you are low risk, your homebirth is […]

Thanks for your Donations!

I was packing birth kits and orders today and almost all of them had donations to our Midwifery Cause of the Month.  Every day I am still overwhelmed by the stories I hear from Haiti.  We all want to help.  When you donate to Midwives for Haiti, you can be sure that you are helping the women and babies in a part of the world that is devistated.

We are still accepting donations for newborn packs.

You can donate old baby items for our newborn packs.  Currently we are collecting baby hats, […]

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