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The Winner of the “Light it up Blue” diaper is….

Julie G!

Congratulations Julie! I sent an email to you requesting your shipping information.

Thank you, as always, to those of you who played in this week’s giveaway. Your participation helps spread the word about cloth diapers, and this week, about Autism advocacy!

We are really excited about the “Light it Up Blue” diaper and the support it brings to autism awareness. Ecology, cost savings, and autism are all very big issues in our society today. The “Light it Up Blue” diaper addresses all of these issues. So, thank you for helping us promote it.

Our next Weekly […]

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Weekly Giveaway: FuzziBunz® “Light It Up Blue!”

I’m just as happy to announce this week’s giveaway prize is a FuzziBunz® “Light It Up Blue” cloth diaper as I was to announce that FuzziBunz® are our Brand of the Month for July!

I love when FuzziBunz® has special diapers for reasons that I explain here. These are the diapers I used the most as I diapered all three of my children, for what it’s worth.  Without special requirements like “all organic cloth,” FuzziBunz® are the diapers that I generally suggest people try first, because I […]

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“Earth Day Everyday!” diaper by FuzziBunz

For those of you just starting out in the world of cloth, I have to explain a very strange phenomenon that happens with FuzziBunz pocket style cloth diapers.

Every once in awhile, FuzziBunz will come out with a limited edition version of their awesome pocket diapers. Right now, FuzziBunz is featuring the ”Earth Day Everyday!” pocket diaper.

You will want to buy these diapers.

Even if you don’t think the “Earth Day Everyday” diapers are awesome… Even if you don’t think these diapers will get everyone talking […]

Fuzzi Bunz donates diapers to Eagle Scout Project

The maker of Fuzzi Bunz, recently donated 500 Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers to help out a young man who had traveled to Uganda while working on his Eagle Scout Project.

Boy Scouts generally pick one very large community service project that is a part of earning the very dignified status of Eagle Scout. Achieving the ranking of an Eagle Scout is the most prestigious recognition available to a Boy Scout. It signifies the pinnacle of their scouting career. Generally scouts choose a project closer to home, but this scout chose to travel to Uganda, where apparently, since […]

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Gold Rush: Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size On Sale!

Diapers go on sale all the time. Every great once in awhile, you will see a sale like this.  In case anyone is new to the cloth diapering world, I need to stress the significance of being able to get any kind of Fuzzi Bunz for $14.95. (And for those of you who are seasoned in cloth diapering, you read that right: Many colors of the Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size are on sale for $14.95 through the end of November!!!)

There are countless reasons why this sale is so incredible to me, but […]

FuzziBunz: Worth more than their weight in gold. For real.

I just changed my daughter’s diaper and noticed the tag. They aren’t the new FuzziBunz that you see on the Everything Birth site. They aren’t even the old FuzziBunz that you see on eBay. This diaper was a diaper from 2001, it’s a classic. You can tell by the tag, which I have taken a picture of for proof.

The diaper is 9 years old, and still functioning after what amounts to over seven years of daily use. Having been through a few kids, I started doing some figuring. That ONE PARTICULAR  diaper (even […]

Working with Fuzzi Bunz: Then and Now

The Early Years

I was so excited to be a part of the cloth diapering world when I first took the position as part of the “Make A Difference” team through Mother Of Eden, the makers of Fuzzi Bunz.  My son, now nine, was just six months old. I still have all of the old documents, flyers, diapering class handouts and syllabus, and photos from my time as a “MAD Consultant.” I started my own attachment parenting advocacy business.

Learning about […]