Antibiotics? Try Oil of Oregano instead!

Oil of Oregano is a MUST HAVE for every single family. It is documented in several medical studies as having the ability to rival the strength vancomyacin of one of the strongest antibiotics available, only Oil of Oregano isn’t a drug or a medicine, simply a nutritional supplement. Hospitals regularly use vancomyacin intravenously when oral antibiotics fail. This is of course in test tubes and petri dishes, and the FDA says that I’m not legally allowed to tell you my personal victories over staph infections with OOO, hopefully you’ll be able to make your […]

A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches?

A Natural Remedy for Migraines and Headaches

What do a teething baby and a parent with a migraine or headache have in common? A few things actually.

  • Both have intense pain
  • Both are stressed because of their pain
  • Both find achieving sleep difficult because of their pain
  • Both have additional pain caused by swelling

Oh and one more thing…

Both can find significant (if not total) relief by using homeopathic teething tablets.

Certainly, you’re not going to cure migraines homeopathically with remedies that relieve symptoms; however, there are other remedies that can be used to actually cure migraines on a permanent […]

Why are homeopathic remedies safe for my children and still able to help?

You hear it all the time, from people of every walk of life: Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. We believe it, for the most part, in theory.

It’s not some imaginary ideal though. That is homeopathy’s goal.

Ideally, as human beings, we would have natural water sources. Our water wouldn’t run through purification systems or city treatment plants; it would course through the veins of the earth. Just before drinking our water, it would run over river beds, rush up against beaches, trickle over every kind of plant. There would be no water […]

Homeopathy for Postpartum Depression


I had it.
It sucked.
I hated myself.
I had childish thoughts.
I wanted to disappear.
I thought I was ugly.
I believed I was worthless.
Things didn’t taste good.
I cried so much.
I doubted myself; I doubted everything.

Postpartum Depression is horrible. I had it for about two months and it started a couple of weeks after my pregnancy. Then, I turned to homeopathy, as I often do, by the request of my mother-in-law. I was too far in my depression and I was convinced it wouldn’t work. Logic told me it could have been PPD, but everything else told me I […]

Basic Homeopathic Midwife Kit

This is just a must have for all midwives! Designed by a homeopath and midwife to ensure you have everything you need!

27 Remedies in 200C pellet form:

Aconite, Antimonium tart, Arnica, Arsenicum alb, Belladonna
Bellis per, Carbo veg, Caulophyllum, Chamomilla, China, Cimicifuga, Coffea cruda, Crotalus hor, Gelsemium, Hamamelis, Hypericum, Kali carb, Kali phos, Lachesis, Laurocerasus, Millefolium, Nux vom, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla
Secale, Sepia, Staphysagria

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