Why are homeopathic remedies safe for my children and still able to help?

You hear it all the time, from people of every walk of life: Our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. We believe it, for the most part, in theory.

It’s not some imaginary ideal though. That is homeopathy’s goal.

Ideally, as human beings, we would have natural water sources. Our water wouldn’t run through purification systems or city treatment plants; it would course through the veins of the earth. Just before drinking our water, it would run over river beds, rush up against beaches, trickle over every kind of plant. There would be no water […]

Car Sickness Blues

When you are going 65 miles per hour on the highway and you notice one of your kids turning green, your options of what to do can be quite limited.  I am talking from experience here because all three of my kids are prone to car sickness.  Here are a few things I have learned from experience.  Also, if you have some other things that work for you, please put your suggestion in the comments.

First of all I always make sure  to leave the on board dvd system at home.  Once we started having problems […]

The road to parenthood.

I went for a walk with my son the other night and we stopped at our neighbor’s house.  They also have a little boy the same age as mine.  While the boys were playing, my neighbor was telling me about her brother.  He is a newlywed, and every time he visits he gets a little freaked out by the whole family scene with little kids.  He says he wants kids someday, but when he is in the middle of the reality, it is a bit overwhelming.

I can remember those days. The prospect of becoming […]

Raising Chickens.

Along with my three kids, I also have eight chickens that I am raising.  I never realized how wonderful chickens were as pets until we got our first six chicks last spring.  We lost one this winter, Pepper RIP.  And we just got three more chicks to introduce to the flock this spring.

They are wonderful companions in the garden, they eat most of the pesky insects and grubs, and my kids love to help take care of them.  Not to mention all the delicious […]

Bring Spring.

Most of the northeast is experiencing flooding and record rainfall, but I am thinking about the spring weather to come.  Just looking at the forcast, here in Maine we are looking at near 80 degree weather this weekend.  Thank Goodness.

I am looking forward to:

Hanging my clothes out to dry on the line.

Laying in the sun with my kids.  Spreading a blanket in the grass and soaking up the sun.  Maybe even a nap.  With three kids, who am I kidding.  Even a ten minuet […]