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MidwifeSupplies.com Merges with EverythingBirth.com!

You may have already noticed some changes at EverythingBirth.com. Midwifery products that were previously only found on MidwifeSupplies.com are now integrated into the shopping platform at EverythingBirth.com!


Everything Birth, as a company, previously held two websites, but in an attempt to make it easier on shoppers, those two websites are now integrated.  EverythingBirth.com, as a website, will be more comprehensive though through the integration of the two websites.


This will allow for easier order placing for you and easier order processing for the company!  Other benefits, besides convenience of ordering include:


  • More Customer Rewards- All of Everything […]

Midwife Supplies

Everything Birth is extremely popular and we are grateful for all of the customers and support.  Did you realize though that along with Everything Birth we also have an entirely separate outlet just for midwife supplies? Everything Birth’s midwifery and home birth supply store can be found here.  If you know of a midwife, please pass along the address for the store. If you are a midwife, please take a look at our inventory. If you’re just a regular old self-empowered woman like me, I’d like to point out a couple of […]

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New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!

New Classifieds Listings Arena Made Specifically For Us!


Everything Birth thinks of, well… everything. Not only have they brought us a free community forum (where we can swap stories and information,) a fabulous consulting program where we can earn money by doing what we already do (spread the word about the benefits of cloth diapering,) an Amazon links page (so we can easily find the best prices on items they don’t carry, but we love,) a medical supply store specializing in midwife and birth supplies, and this regularly updated blog, but […]

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