Cesarean rates vary by hospital, and here I thought it was by risk.

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Don’t want an unnecessary c-section, but still plan to birth in a hospital? Then, you owe it to yourself to find out the cesarean section rate  at the hospital where you anticipate delivering your child. According to an article published in the medical journal Health Affairs this month, “vast differences in practice patterns are likely to be driving the costly overuse of cesarean delivery in many US hospitals.”

Among the Everything […]

Midwife Assisted Home Births and Why Most People Should Have Them.

Chiropractors Howell, Pinckney, Brighton, Home birth, birth center, gentle birthing, statisticsI need to preface this entire post by saying, I gave birth all three times in a hospital and a doctor assisted my births. I’d love to tell you that next time I will deliver the old fashioned way, with a midwife by my side, but there won’t be a next time. My tubes are tied.  So, I’m basically I gigantic hypocrite. In my defense though, I know a lot of things […]

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What Does A Home Birth Look Like?

Most of us know what a hospital birth looks like. There is medical equipment strapped everywhere. Women generally keep the lights dim, except for the bright spotlight shining at the birth canal welcoming her baby ever so boldly from her warm dark sanctuary. There’s bleached white sheets, that don’t fool anyone for a second into thinking that hospital room is anywhere near safe from germs. There’s machines with beeps and lights and wires.

Chris and Krystal have been an amazing team since they first fell in love. They are both chiropractors in Goleta, CA. They supported each […]

Birth Perception.

When I tell my birth story to some people they just can’t believe that I carried twins for 37 weeks thinking there was only one baby in there.  They ask “weren’t you really big?”  No.  “Couldn’t you feel a lot of movement?” Kind of.  But I had nothing to relate it to.

I just think I had a very healthy outlook on my pregnancy.  What I did not know, only helped me.  I trusted that my body would tell me if something were wrong.  My midwives would pick up the signals of  anything going bad. […]

Risked Out.

    A safe and healthy birth is what is most important to us here at Everything Birth.  We do encourage childbearing women to make informed choices and never compromise the health of herself or the baby she is carrying.
    Less than 2 percent of American women birth at home.  And when you ask most women why they want to birth in a hospital, the most stated reason is safety.  Although, there is no data supporting the fact that you are safer in the hospital as long as you are low risk, your homebirth is […]

“There’s No Place Like Home” For Childbirth

    • A healthy pregnant woman should be birthing at home. I don’t understand the response “I just feel safer in the hospital”.  When your chances of a hospital cesarean are closing in on 35% in this country.  One of the highest cesarean rates of civilized countries.  The homebirth cesarean rate is lower than 2%.  What most people don’t realize is that midwives are trained professionals, and they have a more optimistic outlook on your birth.
  • My first pregnancy we chose to only see a midwife.  We did not see an OB until […]

Eunice Romero, LM, CPM, CLC, CBE, CD

Each week I will feature a Midwife, Doula, Birth Center, Child Birth Educator. This week I have for you Eunice Romero. Take a peek at what Eunice has in her birth kit. Eunice Romero Birth Kit

…An ancient river of blood will flow on through me.                                              When it comes time to see my child free;     […]

Change in Plans.

My birth plan was thrown out the window as soon as we were risked out of home birth at 39 weeks.  I thought we had everything in place.  Even though we found out we were having twins when I was 37 weeks, our midwife assisted  home water birth was still the plan.  Until……I just never went into labor and the second ultrasound revealed twin b was breech and cord wrapped.  At 39 weeks and no signs of labor plus a heatwave we were having, we needed to make some decisions.

We were offered two choices. […]

Everything Breech.

Part of the reason I was risked out of the homebirth of my first pregnancy was because one of my twins was breech and twisted in the umbilical cord.  When we went in to see the OB he told us that if I went home to wait for natural labor I would end up in the emergency room and I would get doctor du jour.  I would or would not be allowed to try a vaginal delivery with twin A, but twin B would […]

Every Mom Counts

My midwife told me once that being a mother is the hardest job you will ever love.  Boy is that true.  I had no idea what she meant at the time because I was pregnant with my firsts, but the day I had my girls I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there.  Here is to your undying dedication,  loving tenderness, and hard work.