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The End of MRSA.

Somewhere around 19,000 Americans die of MRSA infections annually these days. That means MRSA kills more people than AIDS in our country. The World Health Organization says antibiotic resistance is one of the leading public health threats on the planet.

On the flip side, in Norway, a country where tissue packets have printed on them public service messages like, “Penicillin is not a cough medicine,” their citizens enjoy some of the lowest incidences of MRSA in the world.  What do they do differently?


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My Battle With Acne

My skin has never looked clearer.

Not even kidding. I’ve never seen my face look this healthy since I was a child. Anyone want to know what I’m doing?  Well, wait, first… let me give you some back story.

When I was in middle school, I got acne. It wasn’t so bad I was embarrassed all the time, but I always had many pimples on my face. And some of them, though you couldn’t really see them, were cysts, beneath my skin. The dermatologist suggested accutane, but I declined because of the toxicity of the medicine […]

Antibiotics? Try Oil of Oregano instead!

Oil of Oregano is a MUST HAVE for every single family. It is documented in several medical studies as having the ability to rival the strength vancomyacin of one of the strongest antibiotics available, only Oil of Oregano isn’t a drug or a medicine, simply a nutritional supplement. Hospitals regularly use vancomyacin intravenously when oral antibiotics fail. This is of course in test tubes and petri dishes, and the FDA says that I’m not legally allowed to tell you my personal victories over staph infections with OOO, hopefully you’ll be able to make your […]