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Hard Water Hardships


I’m so happy to be livin’ back in the country. I love the taste of real water. I’m not drinkin’ chlorine or fluoride anymore. Real water on my face, devoid of the chemical smell is so relaxing. I love well water.

Unfortunately, my laundry hates it.

My once bright white wife-beater tank tops have a true wife-beater orange tinge to them. I guess that’s OK, if I’m pretending to be hardcore, but there’s nothing OK about my adorable Fuzzi Bunz stained by iron from my well water.

Rockin’ Green Hard Rock laundry detergent can fix […]

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Dreaded Build-up Caused by Hard Water

Around 85% of homes in the U.S. have hard water.  Hard water is basically water that contains too much of dissolved minerals like magnesium and/or calcium and these minerals can build up in your diapers, hair, clothing, pipes, etc.  Clues that you have hard water are those pesky spots all over your dishes, your soap won’t suds up, you get that gross ring in your toliet bowl or your clothes and hair get that rusty tint to them.

If you suspect that you have hard water and you don’t have a softener unit […]

I love LOVE Laundry Day

My entire life I’ve hated laundry. I hate taking it out to the garage (in California, w/d are located in the garage). I hate sorting it. I hate loading in the machines. It hurts my back so much to deal with it. And then wait 30-45 minutes, go back out, pick up heavier clothes and put them into the dryer – which is even lower than the washer.

Then after that’s all done, I get to fold the laundry and put it away. There were days when I would […]

Rockin’ Green Ticket Event

Your July Rockin’ Green Purchase could contain a winning ticket!

The Rockin’ Green Ticket Event!

buttonforwebsiteJuly marks the 1 year anniversary of Rockin’ Green! It has been an AMAZING year, and we feel so blessed to have such a fantastic fan base. Seriously, our customers ROCK!!! So in honor of you guys- we have cooked up a really fun anniversary giveaway blowout.

Here’s all the details:

Throughout the month of July, we are going to be putting special concert tickets inside specially marked packages. There will […]