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About to deliver and dealing with HSV?

A large fraction of pregnant women have at least one of the herpes simplex viruses. HSV can create an added stress on pregnancy. While HSV1 is generally referred to as a cold sore and HSV2 is generally considered “genital herps” both HSV1 and HSV2 can make their home in either location and can create trouble during labor and a woman’s child’s infancy.

Many midwives will recommend a specific diet low in arginine and high in lysine to avoid an outbreak. Many people feel that lotioning up with and even eating virgin coconut oil will […]

Tea Tree Oil on Plantar Warts (and other stuff)

When I was a teenager, I had a few Plantar Warts on my foot. I was referred to a dermatologist to have them frozen off with liquid nitrogen. It wasn’t too painful, but I can certainly recall the smarting nerve pain on later visits, as the doctor froze the virus down layer by layer with liquid nitrogen.

The other day, I was discouraged, because got another Plantar Wart. It had been causing me pain for a couple of weeks, but I was in denial.

Not about to go to the dermatologist, I opened my medicine┬ácabinet, brimming […]

Antibiotics? Try Oil of Oregano instead!

Oil of Oregano is a MUST HAVE for every single family. It is documented in several medical studies as having the ability to rival the strength vancomyacin of one of the strongest antibiotics available, only Oil of Oregano isn’t a drug or a medicine, simply a nutritional supplement. Hospitals regularly use vancomyacin intravenously when oral antibiotics fail. This is of course in test tubes and petri dishes, and the FDA says that I’m not legally allowed to tell you my personal victories over staph infections with OOO, hopefully you’ll be able to make your […]