Sense of SELF.

When my twin daughters were two I went through a period of depression.  I had done nothing but attachment parent for two full years. Cloth diapering, nursing, and the pressures of the unknown for two full years. It never dawned on me to take time for myself.  It is common for first time parents to think they need to do it all.  Do not get me wrong here, it was not the attachment parenting that sent me to the blues.  My father’s sudden cancer had sent me over […]

BREASTFEEDING TIP: Get a good latch through easy positioning

One of the biggest hurdles for new moms is getting the infant to latch on properly. There are a few things that you can do to assist your new baby. We always see images of the mother cradling her new bundle that is staring up at her with the infant’s body parallel with the ceiling. That is NOT the easiest way for a new baby to nurse. I know the football hold is very popular among lactation consultants, but I could never quite get it right either. So, in an attempt to find a […]

Breastfeeding Tips- Relax


I have way too many breastfeeding tips to put them into just one blog. So over the coming weeks, I will break them down for you. Breastfeeding shouldn’t be this big mystery, but because the last century somehow managed to put men in charge of our earliest mothering experiences, breastfeeding mothers are left in the dark about it until the moment is upon them and they are left to figure it all out at once.

So let’s start by agreeing that breastfeeding is natural, and it’s not our faults that have been kept […]

How to Explain Homebirth to a Toddler.

Or anyone else that just does not get it.  Adults included.

If you have a toddler and you are planning a homebirth, look no further for a simple way to explain what is happening.  Kelly Mochel has written and illustrated a wonderful children’s book that explains everything.  The illustrations depict the anatomical realities of a woman giving birth and nursing her newborn.

We’re Having a Homebirth is all about explaining that homebirth is a natural process not a medical emergency.

In a societiy that makes it difficult to find real images of the birthing process.   […]