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Fluoride In Drinking Water Can Cause Underactive Thyroid, New Research Says

New research out of the U.K. says indicates that fluoride can cause underactive thyroid. The higher rates of underactive thyroid occurred in areas where fluoride showed up in drinking water at a concentration greater than 0.3 mg per liter. Fluoride is added to drinking water in order to improve dental health though some liken it to medicating the public without consent.

The study was extensive and examined 98 percent of England’s GP practices. Areas with the greatest amounts of fluoride were added to the water were 30 percent more likely to see high rates of hypothyroidism. […]

Pregnancy Aftermaths, Iodine and Thyroid Functioning. Why I Couldn’t Shed the Weight.

The American Thyroid Association recommended that North American women receive dietary supplements containing 150 μg iodine to be taken daily during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, They suggested that all prenatal vitamins contain 150 μg of iodine. Even more than two decades ago, when I was first getting pregnant, the WHO suggested 200 μg of iodine for pregnant women. Thyroid nutrition is especially important during pregnancy or while pregnant because of the greater demands put on the thyroid during this time.

Iodine deficiency affects more than 38% of the world’s population. Even mild iodine […]

How I gained and lost over fifty pounds

I got married back in 1997 to my first husband. Not yet in the world of natural health, I got on the Depo shot.  If you’ve ever been on the Depo shot, you know my story. I know you know my story, because out of the hundreds of women I’ve spoken to over the years who’ve been on the Depo shot, almost all of them had the same story to share. They told me I may gain about five pounds. I promptly gained about forty.

When I complained about it to the doctors, they explained […]