Sleep Loss.

Most babies=Sleep loss.  There is no way around it.  And, the number one question you will be asked during the first six months is “Has he/she slept through the night yet?”.  Which after getting 3 continuous hours of sleep for a week straight, you may not be the right person to ask that question.  I am here to put a new spin on sleep deprivation.  Embrace it!

There are many reasons why babies can’t sleep for long stretches.  Their stomachs are small, they may have […]

Birth Perception.

When I tell my birth story to some people they just can’t believe that I carried twins for 37 weeks thinking there was only one baby in there.  They ask “weren’t you really big?”  No.  “Couldn’t you feel a lot of movement?” Kind of.  But I had nothing to relate it to.

I just think I had a very healthy outlook on my pregnancy.  What I did not know, only helped me.  I trusted that my body would tell me if something were wrong.  My midwives would pick up the signals of  anything going bad. […]

Change in Plans.

My birth plan was thrown out the window as soon as we were risked out of home birth at 39 weeks.  I thought we had everything in place.  Even though we found out we were having twins when I was 37 weeks, our midwife assisted  home water birth was still the plan.  Until……I just never went into labor and the second ultrasound revealed twin b was breech and cord wrapped.  At 39 weeks and no signs of labor plus a heatwave we were having, we needed to make some decisions.

We were offered two choices. […]