Barbara Katz Rothman.

What a surprise I had this morning when I opened my e-mail.  I had a reply from no other than Barbara Katz Rothman.  I am still buzzing from the excitement.

Recently I have been sending out requests for midwives,birth educators, and birth enthusiasts to answer some questions.  Today we are lucky to have a response from such an esteemed writer and educator.

What is your favorite waterbirth story?

I don’t have a favorite ‘waterbirth’ story — water can be lovely and restorative and helpful for labors, but I’ve seen too many people turn ‘waterbirth’ into a […]

Change in Plans.

My birth plan was thrown out the window as soon as we were risked out of home birth at 39 weeks.  I thought we had everything in place.  Even though we found out we were having twins when I was 37 weeks, our midwife assisted  home water birth was still the plan.  Until……I just never went into labor and the second ultrasound revealed twin b was breech and cord wrapped.  At 39 weeks and no signs of labor plus a heatwave we were having, we needed to make some decisions.

We were offered two choices. […]

The evil E

Episiotomy.  Nobody wants to tear down there.  Right?  An episiotomy is a surgical incision in the perineum (the area of skin between the vagina and the anus).  For many years, episiotomy was a routine childbirth technique thought to prevent more extensive tears and heal faster.  Actually, there is little evidence to support the routine use of this procedure.

I am sure most of you , just like me, want to avoid this procedure at all costs.  There are some things you can do to keep your perinium in tact.

Stretch it out:  Six weeks before your […]