MidwifeSupplies.com Launches Cause of the Month

Everything Birth is committed to supporting women, birth, and the midwifery model of care. We are pleased to start promoting the numerous non-profit groups that work so hard to support women’s health.

Each month a new cause will be featured.  Supplies can be purchased directly from the site and donated to each organization, plus Everything Birth, inc. will donate a portion of our sales from midwifesupplies.com during that directly to the cause!

Our inaugural Cause of the Month for May is:

Maison de Naissance (MN) — a birthing center in rural, southwestern Haiti — provides compassionate, first-world quality healthcare at no cost to mothers and babies.  And, since opening the doors in October 2004, the newborn death rate has diminished by two-thirds.

In Haiti, where the life of at least one mother or baby will be lost for every sixteen pregnancies, a two-third decrease in infant mortality does not go unnoticed – by health officials or healthcare recipients.  In fact, the Minister of Health for the Haitian Department of Health (MSPP) has dubbed Maison de Naissance “the reference for maternal care in Haiti.” And, the word has spread throughout the community of 25,000+.

Now entering their fifth year of operation in Haiti, every month, between 50-60 babies are delivered, between 500-600 mothers and babies are seen in clinic, and more than 55% of MN’s patients attend counseling sessions to learn about family planning options (up from 15% in previous years).
Every month, contributions collected in the states (from coast to coast) provide the needed funds so that salaries can be paid to more than 40 skilled Haitian staff members. Also, monthly contributions ensure that supplies and medications are readily available to the more than 300+ expectant mothers who receive prenatal care as well as the 125+ new babies who are carried through MN’s doors for well baby visits.  In addition to these monthly expenses, the birthing center also uses many, many gallons of fuel every month.  Their vehicles stand ready to pull out of MN any-time, day or night, to safely retrieve laboring mothers so that they are able to safely deliver their baby at Maison de Naissance.

MN’s services are provided at no cost to mother and child.  By choosing to financially support Maison de Naissance with a tax-deductible contribution, your donation will ensure that MN will continue to provide a safe, clean, culturally appropriate and supportive environment for mothers living in poverty who deserve a safe delivery.

To learn more about Maison de Naissance, please visit www.maisondenaissance.org


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