Bamboo Baby All In One Diaper

Here’s what has to say about the fabulous Bamboo Baby all in one one size diaper!-  We already knew how great they are- but we love to share the love!

Care: machine wash and tumble dry. Bamboo Baby will stay luxuriously soft wash after wash.

* * *
Bamboo Baby Cloth Diapers are manufactured by Dri-line Products, in Edmonton, Alberta. I can personally ‘vouch’ for Dri-line and all of their products. I’ve been in the factory dozens, if not 100’s of times. I can tell you that Dri-line is a fair employer, staffed by Canadian workers. Workers that make a fair wage, get a 50 week maternity leave and smile as they sew (I’ve seen it). I can also tell you that many of the employees have been there for a more than a decade (all the years I’ve been going there). I particularly like Yasmine the owner, Gourmeet the snap expert and Keiko the cutter.

I’m telling you this about Dri-line, because I think it is import in these tough economic times to protect North American manufacturing jobs. To support businesses, that support thier workers, that support thier families that live in our communities.

I also have a fondness for Bamboo Baby Diapers, because I was priveledged to give my opinion and input during their design and production. I’m REALLY, REALLY good at giving my opinion … just sayin’.

It’s safe then to say that I’m thrilled that Dri-Line is going to give one of you THREE Bamboo Baby Cloth Diapers.

If you are a cloth diaper user and would like to purchase Bamboo Baby:

USA: Everything Birth

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