Finding your village

Motherhood can be a lonely walk sometimes.  Babies cry, toddlers fight, kids push boundaries, teens revolt- and our job is to simply take a breath, love them, and support them through their growth.  No judgment, unconditional love.  And when they are angry, we take as much of that anger as we can.  When they are sad, we cry tears for them.  When they are sick, we feel their pain.

How do we as moms get through all of this?-  Hopefully we find our village.  Our group of like-minded moms who can share our stories, our fears, our happiness, and our children. 

Villages can shift too- when i was pregnant the first time, my village consisted of other pregnant moms- particularly other first time moms from our childbirth class and my yoga classes.  When you haven’t had a baby yet, there is still this vast unknown that seems to connect moms-to-be in a way that no one can explain- it’s just there.

Once my first active boy was 3, my village consited of other toddler moms, looking for, yearning for, a “play group”.  A chance to have purpose outside of changing cloth diapers and nursing.  A chance to have adult conversation while our toddlers bounced between games.  A chance to make yummy fabulous adult-friendly food-  and EAT IT!  😉

Ultimately, kids grow and you may find a need to seek out others in your village or look beyond.  Don’t limit yourself, find your support, and hold onto what feels right!  Find you village, and embrace it!  Motherhood doesn’t have to be lonely!

Mothering has a fabulous network in their discussions boards if you are new to your area and seeking out other moms too!

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