Midwife To Be Program- Cause of the Month

Midwifesupplies.com is doing it again!  We have a found a group worthy of everyone’s support!  Midwife to Be is an education program designed for Home Birth Midwives.  Through this program, there is the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic where the students work hands on with birth and women’s health care.  The supplies are limited, so donations are welcome and for the month of August, your donations will go to the Midwife to Be program in addition to a portion of the profits from MidwifeSupplies.com for the month of August!

Midwife-To-Be Midwifery Outreach Program – Hands on trips to the Dominican Republic for Midwives, students and helpers. We are working in Labor & Delivery in the local co. hospitals that have many needs.Woman all go natural and labor alone. Come get hands on experience and be a blessing.

We stay at a local Lady Pastor’s ocean villa. Opportunities are also there to visit and help at local church and also very poor Haiti village (in the D. R.). We give out food and toys to the kids. Donations of all kinds needed. We have in the past brought everything from sheets for the bed (1/2 of the beds have a sheet). Chucks (like gold there) we give 1-2 a birth. Instruments. (have seen clamp fall off baby and cause it to bleed because of it being old). Ambu bags (they have very few) Dopplers-and fetoscopes most hospitals have none!

Drs use stethascopes for FHR. We give baby packs to all the moms (blanket outfit hat diaper soap) and use the items usually minutes after the birth! Babies can sometimes be laying there cold for their first 1/2 hr. They then get mom and sometimes go home in a few hrs. We also take baby pictures and give to moms, so as you can imagine, there are many needs and we can also use many helpers of all kinds. You can also see alot of complications/c-sec etc that you may not see in the states. Ones ready for catches can get hands on deliverys. LMs there to precept but at this tima NARMS isn’t letting us count them for Narms Lic. Newborn exams are done too.

If your lead to bless the sweet ladies of the D.R. Contact us for more info.

To order items to be donated to this program go to their wish list  and be sure toenter this organization’s address into the “Ship To” portion at check out.

starAddress to enter at checkout for Ship To:

Lisa Aman LM
120 Barbrey Dr
Easley, SC 29640

Phone: 864-836-8982
Website: www.midwifetobe.com

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