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Midwifesupplies.com releases its latest “Cause of the Month.”  I am thrilled at the response we have been getting and love being able to give back to the midwifery community!


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Website: http://www.globalmidwives.org/

215 Tenth Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118


Midwives on Missions of Service is non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve maternal/child health and maternity outcomes through education and service.

How we fulfill our mission:

* Prepare women to educate and support their communities, especially the pregnant women in those communities
* Train women in the skills and knowledge they need to support local women in normal birth
* Promote effective maternity care to all women

We serve marginalized women. We have a vision of improving women’s and children’s lives by helping provide excellent maternity care. We stay focused on preparing women to support their communities skillfully. With our experience in effective management, we also think creatively. We act responsibly with the trust our donors and clients have given us. We like to have fun, not taking ourselves too seriously, while taking MOMS’ work very seriously.

We work in Sierra Leone, West Africa, the poorest nation on earth. You may have seen “Blood Diamond” – we work about 50 miles from where that story took place. While the country is at peace, the devastation has left the people homeless and hopeless. Sierra Leone’s maternal mortality rate is about 2%; mortality for children under five is over 35%, with about three-fourths of those deaths occurring in the first year.

But the Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) continue to tend the women in the villages, without enough food, soap, or gloves. We train the TBAs to find the root causes of problems affecting women, problems like malaria, malnutrition, and disease, and work to solve them. We also help forge links with the country’s limited system of clinics, to use them as effectively as possible. We teach the TBAs safer delivery techniques, emphasizing prenatal care and referrals as needed, and ways to support lactation. Also in our curriculum are sessions on STIs, sanitation, family planning, and nutrition.

MOMS is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) – so gifts are tax deductible. MOMS is not aligned with any faith tradition; however, our board, volunteers, and supporters tend to be involved because of their spiritual values.

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