Supportive Postnatal Products.

DSCN0465So many people these days will tell you all of the things you need to be prepared to have a baby. The breast pump and bottles, a crib, a changing table, the list goes on and on. To some, the necessity of these items are debatable, to others they would be lost with out them. But in reality all your baby needs is you and your breast. And all you need is to be as relaxed and open as possible.

I was a little lost preparing for my first birth.  I was lucky enough to have a midwife who was anti consumer and the only thing she encouraged us to get was a king sized family bed.  So many family members, co-workers, friends, even strangers felt it was their duty to enlighten me to the necessities for having a baby.  Being a first time mother I found it hard to tune it all out.  They were just trying to help.  I was so young and had no idea what was going to happen next.

Here is a list of five low cost items that were not suggested to me, but were certainly the most helpful items I had after the birth of my babies.
1. Nipple cream and plain tea bags.
No one told me how much my nipples would hurt when I started breast feeding. I am not saying this to scare any of you, the pain goes away quickly. But your nipples can get very dry and cracked. Soak the tea bags in water as warm as you can take. Soak your nipples with the tea bags and then pat dry.  The tannins in the tea and the heat are healing.  Apply a good all natural nipple cream such as Lansinoh lanolin.  That will sooth the sensitive skin, and it will be safe for your baby to nurse.
2.A Sitz bath and sitz bath herbs.
These items were essential after my son was born naturally. It felt so good to sit and sooth my soreness and bottom. I also used the sitz bath herb water in my peri bottle for quick relief.
3.Reusable underpad.
This is kind of a funny one, but having a baby can be messy. This pad was useful for me to move around the house wherever I wanted to sit postpartum. Instead of a changing table, use the underpad.  It is great for throwing down wherever you need to change a diaper. It also protected the family bed through roto virus with twin 10 month olds. And we are still using the underpad to get my son through sleeping all night without a diaper. This is a most useful item.
4.Perineal Cold Compress
The name says it all. You will heal quicker if you use these. And use them often. They come in both instant and reusable. I still use the reusable compress for the inevitable bumps and bruises my kids get.
5.Nursing tea and Loose Leaf Chamomile tea.
The nursing tea was invaluable during those growth spurts when baby just can’t get enough and you feel like you just can’t produce enough to satisfy your little one. A nice strong cup of chamomile tea is so wonderful to help you and your baby relax when nothing else seems to work.


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