Choose Bamboo for your Baby

Bamboo diapers are the best new product for your baby’s bottom.  This fabric is so soft, absorbent, and environmentally friendly. We have sourced out and started producing our own line of bamboo contours and doublers. Our contours and doublers are soft bamboo velour on outside and two layers of bamboo/organic cotton terry the inside.  The more you wash them the more absorbent they become.  And if there are not enough good things to say about bamboo diapers, they do not hold oder.  We love them, so we know you will too.

Here is just a tidbit of statistical information about the environmental qualities of bamboo vs. cotton.

Cotton is one of the most intensely sprayed crops in the world, and cotton pesticides are the greatest crop contributor to volatile organic compounds in the environment. Cotton requires wide spacing to grow, allowing bare soil to oxidize in the sun, releasing carbon into the atmosphere, allowing rain to wash soil and chemicals into stream, and decreasing soil fertility. Cotton fabrics, including those made from organic cotton raw material and labeled “organic,” commonly go through a series of finishing processes involving synthetic resins, amylase enzyme, Kier boiling, detergents and alkaline solutions, and that’s not including bleaches and brighteners used to alter color and caustic soda used in mercerization. Bamboo, on the other hand, takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent stand of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen. It needs no replanting, pesticides or fertilizers, and its roots retain water in the watershed, sustaining riverbanks and reducing water pollution.-Bamboo Fabric store

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