Pregnancy Induced Anemia

Low iron runs in my family.  Pregnancy induced anemia was something I struggled with through both pregnancies.  I quickly learned that getting iron from food sources rather than iron pills was a better way to bring up my hematocrit level.  When my iron was up I felt more energetic, sane, and healthy.  I chose to use Floradix and iron rich foods to bring up and keep up my iron levels.  So if your midwife or health care provider tell you that your iron is low, just know that you can take control and increase your hematocrit by choosing healthy iron rich foods.  And just remember that Vitamin C has a vital role in your body absorbing all that iron you are giving it.

Cravings are a large part of pregnancy for some women.  My cravings were different with each pregnancy.  My body was craving the foods that were high in the nutrients my body needed.  Watermelon, Steak, Spinach, Kozy Shack tapioca pudding.  The first three are all high in iron.  The pudding, well that is not very nutritious, but I justified it because it does have calcium and protein.

Staying healthy during your childbearing year will not only help you produce a healthy baby,  it will also help you feel your best.


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