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Recently I was discussing with a good friend the differences in our birth stories.  She willingly accepted interventions, and I chose to refuse all intervention except for the last minuet necessary cesarean birth of my twin daughters.  What struck me as most interesting was my friend’s statement “I just don’t do pain.”  So there it is.  Fear of pain.

Fear is one of many commonalities women share about pregnancy and childbirth. Fear of the unknown, pain, change, loss of control, etc.   All our fears are different and very real.  Getting past your fears can help in overcoming some of the pain you might encounter when your baby comes out from within. Childbirth Without Fear by Grantly Dick-Read is a wonderful book that can be used as a tool to help you subdue your fears.

So you may be wondering how all this talk about fear can relate to your birth story.  Well,  you cannot chose your birth story, your birth story will choose you.  You need to just let go and have faith that your body and baby will know what to do.  Your mind will not stand in the way of the birthday.  And many years from now when you are telling the story of the day your baby was born, the pain you felt will all melt away.  The few hours of active labour should not be missed because you are scared of pain.  Those sensations will bring forth your child.  And what an amazing story you will have to tell.

It’s important in any discussion of painless birth to keep in mind that birth does not have to be sensationless to be painless, or even extremely pleasurable. In my personal experience many things that are worth experiencing are not sensationless nor easy. Intercourse for instance, can be a mixture of extreme pleasure, hard work, and sometimes even true pain, but it is all worthwhile to me and integral to the experience. I wouldn’t want any of my birth sensations dulled any more than I would want to have my sexual sensations dulled. The opening and thinning of the cervix, the strong and rhythmic contractions of the uterine muscle, the stretching of the vaginal wall and pelvic ligaments, the tension at the perineum, and the final climax of a beautiful, wet new life sliding into your hands — these sensations are AWESOME and not to be missed!-Laurie Morgan

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