Help Our Sisters in Haiti


We’ve all seen the photos by now of the loss, despair, leveled infrastructure, etc. in Haiti. Sadly, we know that such unrest and chaos are extremely dangerous times for women already living in the most impoverished nation in the western hemisphere.

Circle of Health International (COHI) will most likely be sending a clinical field team including midwives, trauma specialists and perhaps an ob/gyn or two from the US. They will be collecting donations of equipment and supplies once the emergency needs are known. As per COHI’s practice, they will find a local, women-focused organization to partner with, and will seek funds and assistance from larger institutions.
The objectives of such a trip will be to address the issues around the emergency, safe motherhood and gender-based violence. Please send this information on to everyone and anyone you know who might be interested in joining the team, or supporting COHI financially in this effort. All inquiries and responses should be sent directly to Leilani Johnson, COHI’s director, at, or you may call COHI at 517-517-3220. Individuals may give directly through COHI’s Web site at Download press release [Word document].

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