Kissa's Wool Lovers Diaper Covers

Kissa’s Wool Lovers Covers are finally here, and 10% off

Breathable, Sustainable and Super-soft.

Made with super-soft, minimally processed Australian wool, the Wool Lovers are a perfect, natural and breathable alternative to PUL covers. Sourced from the belly of the sheep (not the top coat which yields stiffer yarn), our wool has extremely fine fiber which helps the cover repel moisture a lot better and reduces the need to lanolize.

  • Ultra-fine merino wool with a Cashmere feel
  • Super gentle and comfortable elastic around the legs aids containment
  • No bleaching, anti-piling or silicon coating treatments on the wool
  • Minimum seams for a comfortable fit
  • See the covers on a baby

Why Wool Covers?

Wool is natural fiber and is breathable. It lets the air circulate which can reduce diaper rash and keep babies cooler. Wool also is naturally anti-bacterial and has a built in ability to hold water.

Caring for wool is really easy. It doesn’t retain odor and the covers can be used for 2-3 weeks between washes, unless soiled. Simply air-dry by turning inside out in between uses.

Washing/drying:  Simply soak the cover in cold water for 15 minutes with wool wash detergent (like Eucalan). Do not scrub or agitate. Lay flat to dry (after rolling in a towel and gently squeezing to remove excess water). For stain removal, lay flat in the sun.

Before storing away, wash the cover thoroughly without lanolizing. Do not fold and put between clothes. Hang it or spread it on the top of other clothes. If WL is pressed for a long time, it may get a bit stiffer like other finer wools.

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