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Weekly Freebies

A great way to donate to the Cause of the Month- Currently Midwives for Haiti  is to enter our weekly raffle drawing.

You can get a free entry by doing either of the following-  do both and get TWO FREE ENTRIES!

When we tweet about the cause of the month in conjunction to the weekly freebie-  just retweet our tweet!

Follow us on twitter    – and then retweet our weekly give away tweet!  How easy is that.

And/Or go to our blog and post a comment about our current cause of the month, or any other post in the same week and you will be entered as well!

Raffle “tickets” can be purchased here for $3.00  All profits from the raffle will go directly to helping the current cause of the month.  This Week’s Drawing is for  1 Marvels One Size Cloth Diaper by Kissaluvs

Raffles will be collected until midnight on Sunday, and the drawings will be held on Mondays!

Help us promote a worthy cause!

This Week’s Raffle for 1 Marvels One Size Diaper By Kissaluvs

Quite possibly the highest quality diapers on the planet, our new Marvels truly deserve their name!

Some of their wonderful features are:

  • One size; fits most babies from 10-40 lbs
  • Elasticized legs and waist for a leak proof fit (with our proprietary, latex-free elastic)
  • Simple, patent pending, snap-on design helps adjust rise easily to fit babies of different sizes (no multiple rows of snaps or snap down configurations)
  • Three body layers and a micro fiber soaker provides absorbency even for the heaviest wetters
  • Fabulous designer print 100% cotton outer and a yummy bamboo velour inner fabric
  • Currently available in three gorgeous prints: Zoo-Blue, Mocca-Swirl and Two-Hoots

Step by Step Guide:

  • Unsnap and lay the diaper flat with the tag on the outside (the tag goes on the outside so it cannot scratch or irritate sensitive baby skin)
  • Lie the baby on top. Adjust the rise to make the diaper fit smaller babies by simply folding the front part outwards and down as far as needed (as shown in the illustration)
  • Use the adjustable snaps to get the best fit for your baby.

Fabric Content: Outer: 100% cotton
Inner: 82% bamboo, 18% recycled polyester.

Just $3.00 a raffle ticket and the proceeds go directly to our Midwifery Cause of the Month:

Midwives for Haiti

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