Wish Garden Herbs and Remedies.

 Finding gentle and natural remedies to heal ourselves and children are at the foremost of our thoughts. We have added Wish Garden Herbs Pregnancy and Lactation Line of Herbal Remedies in it’s entirety. 

In addition to the common remedies, we have added their mini kits to provide a great sampling of the remedies you like the most.  The Pregnancy Wellness kit comes with 4 2dram sized rememdies including Digestive Ease, Stress Relief, Cold Remedy, and Sleepy Nights.  Then for after pregnancy, we have the Milk Rich Sampler containing Goat’s Rue lactation aid, Milk Enrichment, Mastitis Remedy, and Colic Ease.

WishGarden Herbs got its start 25 years ago as a cottage industry providing remedies for pregnancy and childbirth, so this line of remedies is perhaps our best-loved line of formulas.  Pregnancy, childbirth and lactation are a very special time in any woman’s life.  Gentleness and safety are of utmost importance for the health of the mother and developing new one.

WishGarden Herbs is continually staying abreast of research regarding herbs and safety.  These formulas were developed by midwives and experts of pregnant, birthing and lactating mothers. Their safety and efficacy have been time honored and tested for the past 25 years.    For more information on herbs and pregnancy, you can go directly to WishGarden Herbs website.  

Midwives and birthing professionals: WishGarden Herbs offers outstanding, time-tested specialty products to aid in labor and delivery.

 Please consult a qualified practitioner before using herbs (or any other medications) during pregancy or lactation.


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