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Why are we giving away a cloth diaper each week?  Well- we are promoting our Midwifery Cause of the Month this way.  You can retweet our tweet about the giveaway- which carries the info on our Cause of the Month.  We love supporting midwives, and organizations that support midwives and empower women!  So take the time this week to read up on Midwives for Haiti and see what they are doing to help the birthing community.

Support these great organizations and be entered to win a FREE cloth diaper!

Congratulations to Kayla who won our Marvels one size cloth diaper in last weeks give away!

Buy a raffle ticket for just $3.00- proceeds go directly to Midwives for Haiti.

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Our Freebie of the Week-  SposoEasy All in One Cloth Diaper

Available in Aplix in all colors- snaps in white only.
Another fabulous all in one cloth diaper from Blue Penguin!the trimmest, softest natural cloth diaper out there! It was developed over more than six months and provides leakproof leg openings with no bindings to leave red marks; an adjustable fit at the waist with either aplix or snaps; a quick-dry attached doubler that easily accomodates a second or third doubler for night diapering; and a soft knit PUL exterior shell that is available in five colors or white

Sizes follow, but please note: when sizing is based on weight, you must also use your judgement about the build of your baby. A tall 20lb baby is very different in build than a short 20lb baby!
XSmall (5 to 9 lbs): waist – 13″ to 19″ / thigh – 7″ to 11.5″ / rise – 12″

Small (8 to 20 lbs): waist – 14.5″ to 23″ / thigh – 6.5″ to 12.5″ / rise – 15.5″

Medium: (19 to 30 lbs): waist – 16.5″ to 26.5″ / thigh – 8″ to 15.5″ / rise – 16.5″

Large (28 to 40 lbs): waist – 17.5″ to 29″ / thigh – 10″ to 16.5″ / rise – 19.5″

The measurements here offer the approximate range, from when the elastic is not stretched at all to when the elastic is stretched to the max and the snap/velcro is on the largest setting. These are here to help guide you, but please remember that our diapers are hand made and there may be very slight variations.

Just $3.00 a raffle ticket and the proceeds go directly to our Midwifery Cause of the Month:

Midwives for Haiti


  1. Martina

    I’m all for midwives. I am studying as I can on my own and hope to apprentice to a very good midwife so I can be a midwife on the mission field possibly in Belize.

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