Giveaway of the Week: Happy Heinys Sized Pocket Diaper

Happy Heinys uses only custom milled fleece for their diapers.
There are no leg casings, which make better fitting diapers and
contain messes better without leaving red marks on your baby’s legs.
Should the fleece roll out? Yes! Do NOT try to roll the fleece in.
The diapers will wick if the fleece is rolled in.
They are designed so the only thing that touches your child’s delicate skin
is the soft fleece.
Happy Heinys® are available in a variety of solid colors and fun prints.
Happy Heinys® solids have been tested for 12 hours or more at night with
absolutely no wicking for most babies.
The solids have a 100% poly laminated outer layer and will work better overnight.
Happy Heinys® Prints have a laminated 100% cotton outer layer and work best for daytime use.
They may wick if used overnight for heavy wetters.
Look in our cloth diaper packages for volume discounts!
Choose the filler that’s right for you.

Size Chart:
Tiny Heinys 5.5-10
Small 8-16
Medium 14-25
Large 23-35
X-Large 30-40
XX-Large 40-60


 Bamboo insert will be included automatically-

Why do we have this giveaway?—- to promote our midwifery cause of the month.  You can enter by tweeting our message about the cause or the giveaway at any time during the week- or comment on our blog- let us know what you think of this diaper.

Everything Birth is committed to supporting women, birth, and the midwifery model of care. What brought us into this business was our love and compassion for women, babies, and the power of childbirth.  We want to do all that we can to support this process in our local areas and around the world.  We have started a Cause of the Month section on our professional products site- . It has gone well, but we know that many more of you would like to help, so we have a few ideas below.

You can support these groups in many ways:

–  By going to each individual link below, you will be brought to their info page with the wish lists of the organizations.  You can purchase directly on our professional products site the medical supplies these midwifery organizations need.- Keep in mind this brings you to our professional site, so if you purchasing items on you will need to check out separately.

– You can donate funds which will go directly to the current cause of the month at checkout.

– You can donate money without placing any other order by clicking here.

–  You can donate old baby items for our newborn packs.  Currently we are collecting baby hats, onesies, receiving blankets, booties, prefold diapers and diaperpins.  Please check your closets, many of us have a few of these things tucked in the back from many years ago, some of got 40 new receiving blankets at a baby shower that we know we won’t use.  Some of us have 48 prefolds we are still using, but can give one up to help a mom who has NO diapers at all.  If you wouldlike to participate in this drive, please send your items to:

Everything Birth, inc.

c/o Haiti Baby Packs
p.o. box 66781
Falmouth, ME 04105

Every Bit Helps!

If you have an organization that you think should be featured, please email us at


Crystal White, owner

Lastly,  As we stated above- we are gathering baby items to send over time to Haiti.  We are also gathering medical supplies to donate to some of the birth centers there.  If you would like to donate funds to go directly to the medical supplies click here.

March 2010- Global Partners for Health

February 2010- Midwives for Haiti

January 2010- Earth Birth

November 2009-Madre’s Safe Birth Project

October 2009 – Circle of Health International

September 2009 – Midwives on Missions of Service

August 2009 – Midwife-To-Be Midwifery Outreach Program

May 2009 – Maison de Naissance




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