Bring Spring.

Most of the northeast is experiencing flooding and record rainfall, but I am thinking about the spring weather to come.  Just looking at the forcast, here in Maine we are looking at near 80 degree weather this weekend.  Thank Goodness.

I am looking forward to:

Hanging my clothes out to dry on the line.

Laying in the sun with my kids.  Spreading a blanket in the grass and soaking up the sun.  Maybe even a nap.  With three kids, who am I kidding.  Even a ten minuet sunsoak would be worthwhile.

Eating outside.  Any meal.

Lemonade Stands.

Opening my windows to let in the fresh air.

Less layers.

Dipping my toes in the ocean.  Even if they freeze off.

And last but not least, the garden.  Once the water drains from my yard, I will till my soil to prepare for the  plants that will nourish us all summer long.

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