We thrive on it.  At one point my daughters were so sensitive to routine that I couldn’t move the furniture without a major regression in emotional stability.

When I was faced with twin infants, the only thing that I could do was get them on the same nurse/sleep schedule.  Those days are a blur, all I really remember was spending full days on the couch nursing every hour.  With each growth spurt, slowly they started to be more satisfied with each nurse and sleep just a little longer.  Then we started to fold in some regular playtime, tummy time and bathtime.

Newborns are all different.  They nurse, sleep, and are active in their own ways. Some newborns have their days and nights switched.  If you have a baby who is up at night, do not get up with them.  Keep the lights off, don’t talk, do what you need to and  get back to your sleep.  Act like a mama bear would.

Start to establish your routine with a walk or bath at the same time every day.    If you take the time and set the pace you will be rewarded with a happier baby and toddler.

My kids still rely on the routine. They are not as sensitive as they used to be, but we still eat breakfast and dinner at the same time.  Bedtime is always the same.  Bath, snack, teeth, stories and then bed.

A baby schedule benefits everyone, especially your baby.  It helps your baby feel secure.  And it gives them the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

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