Sex to start your labor.

My neighbor is due any day now with her second child.  She is is having contractions and just by her walk I can tell that labor will come soon for her.  She is ready.

Her first child is the same age as my twin daughters and they all get along fabulously.  This morning my daughter asked if she could ask our neighbor over to play.  She walked down to their house and they said Abby could come out to play after lunch.  After lunch Abby and her dad walked over.  He told us that they were on baby watch and would we mind if he left Abby with us so they could get a few things done.  Of course.

After he left my husband confided in me that he wanted to tell Abby’s dad to go “get it on” if they wanted to get labor going.  We have only known them for a little over a year so he didn’t really feel that open with him so he kept it in.  Later when Abby’s mom came to pick her up I mentioned what my husband held back earlier.  She chuckled and asked me “Why do you think I just took a shower?”.

I am really hoping for this adorable family that they will go into labor tonight.  If they do you can be sure that the hormones released while they had a chance to be intamate this afternoon had something to do with it.

I know that having sex in your ninth month of pregnancy can be a bit out of your comfort zone.  But if you really want to bring your labor on, just stimulating your nipples can help get things moving.  Make nice with your partner, and the same hormones that put your baby in the womb, are the same hormones that will bring your baby out.

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