Ignore your cell phone not your Baby.

Let’s talk about cell phones.  I can’t deny that cell phones are handy to have.  Even fun with all of the applications that are available now.  I just want to suggest that we use our phones a little less while we spend our precious fleeting moments with our babies and children.

Now that the weather is getting  nicer I have been going to the playgrounds and biking every chance I get.  More than ever, I have noticed so many parents with their children talking and texting on their cell phones.  I can’t remember what life was like without my cell phone, and I think having one is very convienent.  But, it is hard to see people ignoring their kids and babies while talking and texting.  I have no idea what effect this will have long term, but some day maybe we will.

When you talk and text even while you are doing an activity with your child, you are essentially ignoring them.  Ignoring a child is actually listed as a form of child abuse.  Ignoring a child deprives the child of all the essential stimulation and interaction necessary for emotional, intellectual and social development.  Our kids learn from us.  Even an infant picks up on very subtle social cues.

Here are a few tips to help you

Reserve your cell phone for times when you know your child is napping or occupied with another activity.

Screen your calls.  It is ok to let your calls go to voicemail.  If you are at the playground, or on a walk with your little one, this time is so special.  By answering or making calls, your child gets the messege that your phone is more important than they are.  Send the messege that they are number one.

If you are unable to be with your child all the time and they spend time with a nanny or family member, be sure to talk to them about this serious issue.  Let them know that chatting or texting while watching your child is the same as ignoring them.  Even if they are in the same room.

By writing this blog, I do not intend on shaming anyone.  If you are reading this, hopefully you will be more aware of this, and start changing this bad habit so our children will be more connected.

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  1. Shelly

    Thank you for taking the time to write this! We all need a friendly reminder every now and then. I shared this to my Facebook in the hopes of spreading such a simple message. Our time with our children is so precious that we should never take one second for granted.

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