Processesd Foods=Poison

This topic is overwhelming to me.  Just raising a healthy family is becoming more and more difficult.  I do not intend to scare anyone, but I bring this to your attention because this truely is harming us.  These videos are a wake up call.  I know that processed foods are bad for us, but I did not know why to this extent.  We need to protect ourselves and our future from these toxic chemicals.

Read your labels at the store.  Avoid high fructose corn syrup, partially hydroginated oils, and any other ingredients you don’t know or can’t pronounce.  Shop around the outside of the store.  This is where all of the most whole foods are found.  Avoid the inner isles and especially the bakery.  Make your own healthy snacks. The fewer whole ingredients, the better.  Just because you bought it at Whole Foods or it has organic on the label does not mean it is healthy .  Do not trust that the FDA is looking out for you.  Their pockets are lined by the companies that manufacture these items.



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