Car Sickness Blues

When you are going 65 miles per hour on the highway and you notice one of your kids turning green, your options of what to do can be quite limited.  I am talking from experience here because all three of my kids are prone to car sickness.  Here are a few things I have learned from experience.  Also, if you have some other things that work for you, please put your suggestion in the comments.

First of all I always make sure  to leave the on board dvd system at home.  Once we started having problems with car sickness this was the first change we made.  Movie in the car=puke city with us.  At the beginning it was difficult for me to imagine going any distance at all without the dvd player.  Now my kids do not even ask for it.  We play games like I spy and travel bingo.  And, there is nothing wrong with just being able to have some down time.

Some people use kids dramaine with success, but I have found that Hylands Motion Sickness tablets work great and are easier  to administer.  Dramamine has a horrible taste.  Tablets have no taste.

Another effective tool is the Bioband.  These are wristbands that you wear and they help prevent the feeling of nausea.

And if all else fails than you need to bring the sick bags, lots of towels, air freshener, a change of clothes, and a garbage bag.

You must remain calm when your kids get sick in the car.  Getting worked up will not accomplish anything.  I learned this weekend that you can’t always stop the car if someone is getting sick.  You just have to deal until you are able to stop.

Good luck, I hope this never happens to you.

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