Mama Magic.

What is it about a mother’s kiss on a toddlers boo boo.  How about the way you know when your baby is ready to nurse even when they are not with you.  Mom’s can just look at their child and know their well being.  Sick, tired, hungry, you name it and a mom can tell.  Our senses are honed and we register the slightest sounds and energy coming from our kids.

I think these magic powers are enhanced by baby wearing.  If you wear your baby from the start and really keep them close whenever possible, your super powers will be super charged.  Your baby’s connection with the universe starts with the connection with the mama.

So instead of taking your car seat out with your baby in it.  Leave the car seat in the car and put your baby on your body.  You will both benefit from the contact.

Here are some other great benefits of baby wearing.

You can’t wear a baby without a baby carrier.

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