Tune it out

I know it is a bit ironic what I am about to blog about.  I am basically going to rant a bit about the overconsumption of media these days.  Here I am just adding to the machine with this blog which in turn I am advising to tune it all out.  But don’t stop reading now,  just hear me out.

What is tipping me over the edge is all of the oil spill news that is utterly making me want to vomit every day I hear more.  Every day that goes by and that hole in our earth is bleeding.  We forget that the true purpose of oil deep in our Earth’s crust is to help lubricate the tectonic plates.  I am no scientist, but it is no wonder our planet is experiencing so many tragic earthquakes.  We are sucking out all of the lube.  Ok, enough about that.

I am officially going to tune it all out.  I yearn for the simpler times in my life.  When I used to be a river guide and I lived in the North woods of Maine.  Where the closest phone was 30 miles away and if I saw a newspaper once a month I was lucky.  I had no clue about what was going on in the world that summer.  All that mattered was each moment of each day.

When you bring a baby into this world we are living in, it can be challenging not to get overwhelmed by all of the bad news we are bombarded with.  But throughout time there has always been bad news.  And in the future there will be even more bad news.  We need to put the bad news in its place.  Tuck it away where it can’t reach you.  Protect yourself and your children from the toxic flow of energy.  How you ask?   By just letting it all go.  Visualize yourself living 100 years ago.  Where if you wanted to know the weather, you just looked out the window.  And if you want to know what is going on around you, strap that baby onto your back and go out for a walk.

Just after giving birth I felt like I was so open to the universe.  I had a heightened sense of awareness like never before in my life.  This time in a womans life needs to be guarded and protected from all of the negativity that surrounds us.   All of our mama conciousness needs to be focused on the little baby and the home that is being created.  So if you are about to give birth or just had a baby, seriously make the effort to block out the gloomy “realities”  and just live your live in the now.

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